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What is inova-e?

The inova-e digital platform was developed to make data on Brazilian investments in Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) in energy accessible to diverse audiences. This platform aims to deepen the understanding of investment trends in RD&D in energy and support various organizations including the EPE, the MME and the MCTI, in the formulation and promotion of public policies, research and new investments in the area of energy innovation. The strategic information made availabe at inova-e was organized in a single database providing an unprecedented overview of innovation efforts in the energy sector in Brazil.


The methodology behind the platform began in 2019, focusing on prospecting, collecting, processing and the analysis of data sources. It is worth noting that the data used refers to public and publicly oriented investment data in RD&D which, although dispersed and organized in different formats, are available and open to the public. Investments in RD&D by the private sector, for the time being, are outside the scope of inova-e, as there is no open and structured data that allows for its incorporation in this version of the Platform.

The inova-e statistics considered investments made under the responsibility of the following institutions: ANEEL, ANP, BNDES, CNEN, CNPq, FAPESP, FINEP and FNDCT. For the purposes of this project, these institutions are called fostering institutions. The data was organized according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) technology category classification, as detailed in the IEA Guide (2011). In inova-e, the classification of energy categories was based on a 2-digit breakdown.

Our History

In 2018, at the time of Brazil's participation in the international Mission Innovation initiative (a forum for collaboration in increasing investments in clean energy innovation), it was made evident the difficulty of reporting how much the country invested in public or publicly oriented resources in innovation in the energy area. Although Brazil invested significant resources, there was no integrated, comprehensive and structured database to consolidate information and to guide policy formulation. In the pursuit of this objective, the Brazilian government (represented by the EPE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) found important partners: the Center for Management and Strategic Studies (CGEE) and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) through the Big Push for Sustainability initiative. From this convergence of motivations, the Energy Big Push (EBP) was born in 2019, which is a collaborative initiative that includes the participation of several institutions and experts in energy and innovation, including invaluable contributions from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Aiming to provide evidence to promote investments in innovation towards a sustainable energy transition in the country, one of the axes developed by EBP Brazil was the construction of a database of public and publicly oriented energy RD&D investments, whose results can be accessed in the reports released in 2020.

With the ambition of making this strategic information about innovation available to all audiences, the MME mandated EPE to build a platform on its website in continuity with the Energy Big Push process. Thus, with the technical and financial support of the Brazilian Energy Program (BEP) of the United Kingdom, coordination of EPE and execution of CGEE, the digital platform inova-e was implemented in 2021.

If you want to know more about the history of this initiative, access the inova-e Cast, a podcast created by EPE and released at the sixth Ministerial of Mission Innovation (MI-6). During 5 episodes, inova-e Cast reports on the efforts to improve energy innovation in Brazil through a series of partnerships


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